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1967 Chevrolet Nova SBC 327

We believe that exhaust is one of the most underrated parts of the custom car. When thoughtfully executed, an exhaust system can transform your car and give it the presence you always wanted.

• Complete exhaust system installation

• H-pipes, x-pipes

• Electric cut-outs or dumps

• Aluminized bent or mandrel TIG-welded

• Multiple muffler combinations for noise suppression

IMG_8348-1Brakes are always taken for granted, until they don’t work! There are varying degrees of a ‘working’ brake system. We demand the highest degree. Depending on your goal, we can install power or manual brakes, economical or performance rotors, brake pads, calipers, brake lines, etc.

• Complete brake system installation & diagnosis

• Performance brake upgrades

• Brake line plumbing

272Complete fuel systems demand quality product since they are carrying the life-blood to the heart of the car. Whether you have a forced induction pro-street setup requiring more than 800 hp or a naturally aspirated 450 hp project, we ensure that the fuel will get there. Systems from bent steel line to full braided –AN allow us to fit any end goal.

• Complete fuel system installation & diagnosis

• Carburetor rebuild and tuning

• Fuel injection plumbing and installation

_MG_0741-1Your classic car’s engine needs proper spark. Thankfully, the technology of today allows us to make horsepower more efficiently and with great reliability. Let us upgrade your ignition and charging system using the best the market has to offer.

• Complete ignition system installation & diagnosis

• Factory points and dwell adjustment

• Electronic ignition upgrades

• Alternator, battery and starter upgrades

1932 Ford Sedan Chassis Engine Transmission Brakes Fuel ExhaustStopping your hopped-up hot rod every three miles for cool down takes the fun out of driving. Of course, there are answers to that problem of overheating: better cooling system parts. Whether you need a better quality thermostat, a higher flow water pump, a properly set-up cooling fan or simply a radiator with more, larger tubes, we can help!• Complete cooling system installation & diagnosis

• Electric cooling fan installation with manual or thermostatic controls

• Water pump and thermostat matching to engine and performance

24R140One of the largest problems we find in classic cars is the wiring. Sometimes the answer is to repair what is already in the car. Other times the situation requires a completely new wiring harness. We use quality connectors and have high standards about making solid, clean connections. Let us address your needs today, so that your car can be on the road for the street rod season.

• Complete wire harness construction or kit installation

• Wiring circuit diagnosis; Ground and safety assessments

Project Blog

Here we post on recent and past projects

Shockwaves & Wilwoods

BJ’s ’62 Impala was an already nice specimen when it came to us, but we’re glad that he trusted us to take his car to the next level. In order to get the stance just right, we looked to RideTech’s Level 2 kit made just for the ’62 Impala. This kit installed beautifully, as all control arms, bags, compressor, and hardware fit together as we wish all aftermarket…

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1942 Plymouth Overhaul

Lance bought his 1942 example about 30 years ago and has dreamed of a day when he could just get in the car and drive it reliably. So, he trusted us to overhaul most of his ride and bring it up to speed. We started with replacing the front drum brakes with an ECI disc brake conversion kit and dual master cylinder. We replaced the transmission…

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1958 Impala Sway Bar Upgrade

Some upgrades are hard to justify, while others are not. In the case of this 1958 Impala, Bill allowed us to add a simple upgrade that was easy to justify because of the high return on investment. We hoisted the car and got to work installing the new oversized front and rear anti-sway bars offered by Hellwig Suspension. After the install, we replaced the old shocks…

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Gallery of Projects

All project cars below range from mild drivetrain upgrades to complete builds